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Which path to choose? University or Work?

Target: 16 to 19 year old high school students

Win at Work is a model rolled out in an assessment path that places the student at the centre of their own choices. The test will help to understand and recognise attitudes and skills in relation with the needs of the world of work and the offering of universities.

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How does it work?

Win at Work is a questionnaire developed in collaboration with the International University Center as a variant of the Five Factors model by Costa and McCrae (1992), the model most used by international scientific literature to describe personality.

Two reports will be generated as an outcome, highlighting both strong skills, which will help youths to identify the paths best suited to their profile, and the behavioural traits with the greatest influence on performance and success in education.

The reports indicate: how to improve one’s skills, which university faculties are closest to the student’s aptitudes and some indications on work (for those who intend not to continue their studies) in which there will be more chances of success.

The report contains the following information: how to improve skills; the university faculties most in line with the student’s attitude, and advice on the world of work (for anyone who does not wish to continue studying), to boost your chances of success. A guide to targeted research after graduation, aware and responsible.

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