Certified tests to understand the career that best suits your soft skills.

Scientifically evaluate your personality and your soft skills to find the job in which you will be most successful.

Personality tests are guidance tools increasingly used by companies to identify the most requested soft skills in the world of work.

WinatWork’s tests and consultancy will provide you with crucial analyzes and reports to identify your professional profile and define your ideal career path.

50% of the workforce will be forced to undertake a path of adaptation of their soft skills within 5 years

World Economic Forum

12-15 minutes of Test
Advice on how to optimize your CV by inserting your strengths


Test 12-15 minutes
1 hour of Career Coaching


Test 12-15 minutes
1 hour of Career Coaching

Why is Winatwork your winning choice?

40% increase in employability

What is the Winatwork method?

Win at Work is an evaluation method developed in collaboration with the International University Center as a variant of Costa and McCrae's Five Factors model (1992)

Win at work is a model that helps to direct oneself with greater certainty towards the path more similar not only to one's interests but also to one's own original skills and soft skills. The Win at work Report will show you your Occupational Search Style, the Soft Skills that are most requested by the job market, your Learning ability and the Agile Soft Skills so much in demand today in the workplace. The Report will show you which professions are more inclined to your aptitudes and you can update your CV to be ready to respond to offers from the world of work.

85% of job success comes from having well-developed transversal and personal skills.
World Economic Forum

WinatWirk tests are developed in
collaboration with the International University Center.

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and University Cooperation,
founded on September 27, 1991.
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